Trolley Crane Manufacturers & Exporters in India

The modheshwari  Trolley Crane is specifically manufacture for heavy process industries. These cranes fabricated with motor, gearbox and control unit perfectly complement requirements of clients and offers excellent lifting performance and long service life.

Industrial Trolley Cranes are the best & the most systematic lifting equipment for machine shops, injection molding applications, steel service centers, construction, paper converting, steel fabrication, foundries, concrete plants and wood mills.

trolley crane manufacturer

Features of Trolley Crane :

  • Cranes with electrically operated revolving trolley for precise placement of the load in the desired position
  • Fabricated followed by quality standards IS:4137
  • Trolley Cranes laterally with rigid mass for perfect handling of materials
  • Specially designed, cabin operated cranes, offering maximum possible view to the operator
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