Jib Crane manufacturers, Exporters

We are specialist in the area of designing, fabricating and marketing of material handling equipment for about 10 years. Modheshwari engineering & fabricators is leading jib cranes manufacturer in india that supplies world class jib cranes like wall mounted jib cranes also known as tension braked jib crane, self supported pillar mounted, full cantilever type jib cranes at reasonable prices in ahmedabad, gujarat, mumbai, pune, india.

jib crane is perfect to take the effort out of lifting and loading materials in confined spaces. Modheshwari Jib Cranes consumes little space at the working site and it can be rotate in perfect circle.

jib crane manufacturer

Features of Jib Crane :

  • Modheshwari Jib Crane are an important part of any material handling system.
  • A Jib crane help to reduce labor cost by avoiding the time loss on waiting for an forklift or over head crane.
  • This crane can be easily handled by one person and is very cost-effective.
  • Jib cranes are versatile efficient solution for moving material within an individual work station, for transferring materials from work area to work area for serving as auxiliary lifting devices.

Wall Mounted Types (Tension Braked Jib Crane)

  • Capacity    :    Up to 3 Ton.
  • Span    :    Up to 6 mtr.
  • 180 degree rotation.
  • Utilized a std. I-beam.
  • Most economical style.
  • Allows max. Usage of the area.

Self Supported Pillar Mounted Type

  • Capacity    :    Up to 3 Ton.
  • Span    :    Up to 6 mtr.
  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Designed plants assembly is secured by mean of anchor bolts to prescribed reinforced concrete foundation with the number of anchor bolts varying with the capacity of the crane.
  • The pipe column is designed to give max. Strength and min. defection to resist bending, bushing and crushing.
  • The top bearing assembly utilities tapered roller bearing, provided with grease fitting for proper lubrication.

Full cantilever Type

  • Capacity    :    Up to 3 Ton.
  • Span    :    Up to 6 mtr.
  • 180 degree rotation.
  • Offers greatest potential under boom clearance because it can be installed closer to the ceiling than other wall mounted jib cranes.
  • Allow max. Usage of the work area.